Group Rafting Adventures

Group rafting trips are a great way to enjoy the river at a discounted price with friends and family!

Group trips are open to anyone from college/school groups, to family reunions, youth groups and many more!

Who can be apart of a group rafting trip?

Just about any group can participate in group rafting trips!  Whitewater rafting is ideal for children ages 6+ since there is a weight requirement that is required to be met by law.  Aside from the weight requirement, anyone can raft!  Group rafting trips are really great for school trips.  Not only does your rafting guide lead the trip but they are also highly educated about the rivers, the local area, the history and local folklore making a whitewater rafting trip fun, thrilling and educational!  There is no experience needed to whitewater raft either!  The different parts of a river are categorized into classes, class I and II being beginner, III and IV being beginner and V+ being world class rapids.  And it’s okay if you or someone in your group can’t swim.  You are required to wear a life vest, and it would be a good idea to inform your raft guide before the trip as well.

Why group rafting?

Group rafting is a great way to bond with your friends, family, peers, classmates, teachers, etc. while out on the open white waters!  You and your group can experience once in a lifetime thrills, see beautiful scenery and wildlife together.  Moments as breathtaking as those you see in the middle of the wildlife are so much better when they are witnessed and shared with the ones closest to you.  Not only is whitewater rafting a great group bonding experience, but your group may also receive some deals and discounts.  Most rafting retailers offer awesome group deals.  Make sure to check with you rafting retailer about what deals are available before booking your trip!