World Rafting Championships 2016

As you may or may not know, recently the World Rafting Championships were held at Wadi Adventure in the United Arab Emirates. This was an exciting event, with many of the best rafters representing 28 different countries from around the world in attendance.

Although we personally couldn’t be there this year, luckily there were a number of members of the teams taking pictures and sharing to their Instagram accounts so that the rest of us could watch. So, while following along on their pages, we’ve complied a list of some of our favorite pictures from the event.

Beginning with training with the British Men’s Rafting team:


The Denmark ladies certainly seemed to be enjoying the sunny days too!


Did you know that Wadi Adventure is situated in the middle of a very rock, almost mountainous terrain? As captured by the Netherlands:


An incredible sky contrasted with a moonlike ground:


And who doesn’t like a little video action?


You can definitely see the concentration!


A few of the flags from countries in attendance:


Night rafting?!


Ice cream, please!


Action shot!


Team Japan conquering the water!


Incredible course in the middle of some very unique topography


Slovenia tackling the water


Team USA getting ready


And a few more crossing the finish line


Go! Go! Go!


Team Italy digging deep


And, the winners:


From these pictures its obvious; we definitely need to find a way to experience the next World Rafting Championships. Which picture is your favorite?


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