10 (more) Reasons to Raft

We already know all the obvious reasons to spend a weekend whitewater rafting; the fun, the thrill, the friends, nature time, and so much more. However, that list is far from inclusive, and in case you need another great reason to hit the water, check out our list of 10 more below! Miss the first 10 reasons? Check them out here!

1. You get the opportunity to experience the great outdoors.

We spend A LOT of time transferring between cars, houses, planes, shops and so many other locations that are integral for our lives, but keep us inside. Whitewater rafting is definitely NOT a sport that meets these very specific qualifications.

2. It’s time to “Unplug”

Brining your iPhone or Laptop on the New River Gorge is a bad idea. I don’t think this needs any further explanation other than the simple question: when was the last time you went an entire day without your smartphone?

3. You get to meet new people with similar interests

Everyone is on the water because they want to be. Chances are, if you have all ended up in the same place, doing the same activity – it is because you all enjoy it. Who knows, you could make some lifelong friends during your adventure.

4. It’s a chance to go somewhere new

Most people probably don’t accidentally end up in Oak Hill, West Virginia. The sights and sounds are unlike most places in the US, and the homey feeling is well worth the trip (oh and don’t forget the whitewater rafting).

5. It’s something different

You can go see a movie or go out to eatĀ almost anywhere at any time. Whitewater rafting however, is a slightly more unique and memorable proposition and way to spend the weekend.

6. Cross another item off your bucket list

Whitewater rafting is definitely a “bucket list” item for a lot of people. Why not cross it off, and have a great time in the process?

7. The after party

Rafters are a notoriously fun bunch of people. They are all generally nice, happy, and welcoming to anyone who shares their love of the water, respect for other and for each other!

8. Cool souvenirs

Who doesn’t like fun goodies from your whitewater adventure? It is also a great chance if you go with your family to pick up Christmas and birthday presents well ahead of time (pro tip: videos of you weekend on the water are great for this).

9. It provides a unique perspective of the New River Gorge

Hiking is fun, as is riding ATV’s or horses in and around the wooded areas of the New River Gorge and the national park areas. However, from the water you definitely get a perspective that is quite different from the norm.

10. It’s FUN

Yes, I know we have said this before, but it is true enough that it is worth repeating. But don’t take our word for it, check out the New and Gauley River this summer to see for yourself!

Do you have any other good reasons that you want to share about why people should plan to spend a weekend on the whitewater? Leave us a comment below!

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