Full Day Trip starts at $255

The New River offers renowned fishing opportunities in its warm waters, with most sections designated as ‘catch and release’ to ensure quality fishing opportunities for future generations. The New River is rated one of the top four best smallmouth fishing rivers in the country. It is one of the oldest rivers in North America with large sandstone boulders, deep pools, swift runs, steep canyon walls and unusual northerly flow.

Anglers enjoy an all access pass to the best and most remote spots on the river from the comfort of our rafts which are tough, durable, and self-bailing. Experienced guides do all the work from a center-mounted oar-frame rig, so all you have to do is cast a line, fight the fish, and reel them in. Your fishing guide can also offer tips on casting technique, line management, river strategies and more. Minimum of 2 people required on this custom expedition.

If you like fishing, you’ll love the hard-fighting smallmouth bass fishing opportunities offered by River Expeditions. We leave early to get a head start on the day’s adventure. Lunch is included. Experience the New River in a new way as you float and fish at a leisurely pace.