Packing Essentials for your Rafting Getaway  

So you’ve picked a weekend, called your friends, and made your reservations for a weekend full of whitewater adventure. If you’re an experienced rafter, you probably know what to expect and what to bring, but if you’re new to the whitewater, you might be a little bit worried about what you should pack. The company… Read more »

About the US Whitewater Raft Team  

Whitewater rafting is an exciting sport that many people of varying skill levels and locations enjoy throughout the year. In the US, there are two teams that exist to act as representatives for USA rafting around the world. Like many other sports, the teams are divided by gender – although the courses are generally on… Read more »

Trees and Plants of the New River Gorge  

The New River Gorge is home to a number of native and non-native plant and tree species. When traveling through the Gorge, it can be both helpful and interesting to take note of the plants in the area. These plants are essential for helping to maintain the balance and the ecosystem for the many animals… Read more »

Getting Back into Shape for Spring  

Even though many of us are still deep within the frigid winter, it is never too early to begin planning the return to the spring rafting season! Whitewater rafting is a sport that actively combines exercise with adrenaline in such a way that most people don’t even realize how hard they are working because they… Read more »

Rafting for Teambuilding  

White water rafting is a fun and exciting activity that requires all participants to cooperate and communicate with each other. This particular combination means that many organizations find themselves hitting the water as a way to build rapport and flexibility between members of groups, workplaces and other associations. There are tons of reasons why whitewater… Read more »

Rafting for College Students  

Rafting is a great activity for people of all ages and demographics, but it can be especially fulfilling if you are still in college. While all of the “normal” reasons apply of course, there are plenty of extra reasons beyond the norm! Keep reading to see a list of our Top 10 Reasons to Raft (College… Read more »

Tips for Staying Warm this Winter  

Although freezing winter temperatures may have put a stop to our whitewater rafting activities, there are still a ton of fun things to do around the New River Gorge (that don’t require going near almost-frozen water). However, when you get ready to head outside, the comfort of your outdoor fun can be ruined if you… Read more »

Health Benefits of Whitewater Rafting  

Whitewater rafting is a great activity for many reasons. When most people plan their rafting trip, they consider how much fun the trip will be, the beauty of nature surrounding the water, and also the camaraderie of time spent with friends on the river.  Aside from the obvious reasons to raft, did you know that… Read more »

Famous West Virginians!  

West Virginia was the first home for many influential people across industries including film, sports, government, and business. While most of these people currently reside in locations outside of West Virginia, their roots in this great state have allowed them to bring a unique, deep, and strong sense of pride to all of their undertakings… Read more »