River Expeditions Announces their Annual Bridge Day Blowout Special

On October 18th, experience the thrills of West Virginia’s favorite festival and the final whitewater rafting opportunity of 2014. This weekend package includes rafting down the New River on Saturday or a combination of the New River and/or Gauley River on Saturday and/or Sunday. River Expeditions is offering this generous discount allowing guests to purchase 1 or 2 day rafting packages for the weekend starting at $145 per person! The Bridge Day Blowout special includes white water rafting, camping, daily lite breakfast, and a BBQ cookout after rafting. This package also features an after-party hosted by River Expeditions at The Red Dog River Saloon in their Adventure Resort in Oak Hill, WV; not to mention fantastic savings in the Outfitter’s Store.

“We’ve had a great year has on the New River! We estimate approximately 80,000 people will attend the 2014 Bridge Day celebrations to watch BASE jumpers and rappellers fly from the New River Gorge Bridge. We think that they would really enjoy the activities available at River Expeditions’ Adventure Resort; especially after watching all the fun at the bridge!” Says Rick Johnson, owner of River Expeditions “Between the festivities at Bridge Day and white water rafting at a discount, this promises to be a great weekend!”

Bridge Day is the single day of the year that people are permitted to BASE jump into the New River Gorge, 867 feet (267 meters) below the bridge. For 364 days of the year, the U.S. National Park System imposes a strict ban on BASE jumping for the safety of all (potential) participants. BASE is an acronym of the places that people jump from: Buildings, Antennas, Spans (bridges) and Earth (cliffs). Approximately 400 BASE jumpers participate in the Bridge Day festival, in addition to rappellers, sponsors, vendors, and much more!

The Gauley River is host to some of the most intense and beautiful white water rafting in the Eastern US. The rivers water level is controlled via the release of the Summersville Dam that follows scheduled release dates in the fall, resulting in optimal rafting flow, resulting in a world class rafting experience. The river is known for its intensity and it is ranked by many rafting enthusiasts in the top five in the world! On the Gauley River, participants will experience white water thrills in colorful fall surroundings. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience the changing of the seasons in a completely different, but thrilling way!

The New River Gorge is full of natural and cultural history and is also home to a number of opportunities in recreation and sightseeing, including rafting, horseback riding, ATV tours, kayaking, ziplines and much more. The New River splits into two distinct sections, creating appropriate adventures for all skill levels of rafters, including first timers. The Upper New River is a great route for beginning or nervous rafters (age 6 and up) and features gentle rapids and quiet pools. This portion is great for paddling, playing, taking pictures, or simply enjoying the beauty of the fall foliage. The Lower New River Gorge is often referred to as “The Grand Canyon of the East”. This trip combines classic whitewater excitement with the elements of history, nature and wildlife found throughout the river, resulting in a breathtaking adventure. Water temperatures average a cool 50 degrees in October.

White water rafting involves traversing a stretch of river on an inflatable raft for approximately 5-7 hours, including a waterside lunch. On the milder sections of the river, experience is not necessary. The ability to swim is helpful, but not required because all guests receive the necessary safety equipment: a Coast Guard approved Type V Life Jacket, Paddle and Helmet, in addition to experienced guides to help along the way.