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It’s Movie Time!

One of the benefits of the cooler months is that it gives us an excellent excuse to cozy up in a warm cabin, under a blanket, with a fire, and one of our favorite river related films. These movies are sure to help you pass the time and to give you dreams of the warm water summers ahead. Keep reading for a list of our favorite river movies.

The River Wild: Imagine going on a whitewater rafting trip with your family, thinking everything as it should be. Now imagine that your trip includes two bank robbers with a gun, who seem to be trying to kill you? Likely this situation will never happen to you, but this movie, thankfully will experience that for you. Oh and it also was nominated for a few Golden Globes, so it’s a pretty good explanation too 😉

River of No Return: What do a former prisoner, his son and a saloon singer have in common? Oh yeah, they’re together trying to traverse the world-renowned Salmon River alone. This classic “love story” also features Marilyn Monroe as one of the main characters – who is stellar as always.

White Water Summer: In this classic 80’s teen movie, a young city boy goes on a whitewater adventure through the wilderness. Which sounds like a wonderful story but a very boring movie. Instead, our main character, Alan, who is bit on the pampered side of things, is not impressed by the “life lessons” suggested in their activities, and subsequently, their guide devises activities that further test them – eventually resulting in an injury that means their attitudes will have to change – quickly.

A River Runs Through It: Hello, 1992 Brad Pitt! This movie tells the story of two brothers who while they grew up with the same father, developed into very different people. Despite their differences, they both hold a deep passion for fly fishing and spend many hours the river. Their experiences in the river in may ways mirror their life experiences – almost like a reflection on the water.

Of course, watching movies on a screen at home is nothing compared to the actual excitement of a weekend on the whitewater – but they can most certainly help to make the time pass more quickly! And then when you do finally get back on the river, you’ll be full of fresh enthusiasm.. And maybe just a touch of caution towards potential bank robbers that you could encounter 😉

Do you have other favorite river and whitewater classics that aren’t on the list? Tell us your favorites in the comments below!

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