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Protecting the Rivers

An essential part of any whitewater rafting experience? The river. With government funding dwindling for public and private river protection agencies and the ever-expanding urban sprawl, it is becoming increasingly important for whitewater enthusiasts to offer their support to organizations dedicated to protecting the rivers. If you’re looking for a reputable organization to contribute to, with your time or money, keep reading for our list of river protection agencies.

American Rivers: This highly reputable non profit was founded in the early 1970’s as a response to the rapid creation of many dams and the associated destruction of surrounding areas. Since then, the organization has saved thousands of miles of river and land and has grown to include over 200,000 members.

International Rivers: With a more global focus and an emphasis on the surrounding destruction caused by river utilization projects, International Rivers works to protect some of the most vulnerable communities worldwide and the rivers that they depend on. Across four continents, this hardworking team is also a wealth of knowledge and information.

The Nature Conservancy: Not just focused on rivers, this organization has also gained respect for its efforts to protect nature in all its forms. Since being founded in 1951, The Nature Conservancy has saved over 119 million acres of land, helping to ensure that we not only have the rivers that we love but also the areas surrounding them.

Greenpeace: With over 30 million supporters worldwide, Greenpeace is arguable one of the most well known nonprofits dedicated to the environment. If you’re ready to fight against climate change, and the global trickle down effect it will have on rivers and other bodies of water, then Greenpeace is the organization for you.

River Network: This organization focuses on empowering local river caretakers have access to the best resources possible to protecting the water. With this emphasis on empowering those who are working closest to the water, they are ensuring that rivers (and their caretakers) get the tools, training, and other resources that they need from the ground up

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