Looking to get a little extra rowdy on the river? Springtime whitewater rafting means high water, big hits and epic wave trains. There’s no better time to take a trip down the New River than in April and early May.

A particularly wet April means the New River is even more thrilling. As the rain falls and drains from the steep cliffs of the New River Gorge, the lower New River bumps up in water level. With more water pushing through the gorge, the sections of river that are usually flatwater get a little more current in them and keep you moving down the river. This means it will be a fast, fun ride through the gorge.

The New River in spring is the largest volume Class V whitewater in North America. Spring rafting is a thrill ride with typically higher water levels, making the waves, holes and rapids more intense. But high water doesn’t mean a scary ride down the river. At higher water levels, some rapids do get bigger, but others actually smooth out. The New looks totally different in April than it does in August – it’s always changing so you’ll get a different ride every time.

A spring raft trip can be an amazing time on the river – but you’ll need to be prepared. Spring temperatures vary wildly in southern West Virginia, it could be 80 degrees or 50 degrees. But, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. River Expeditions can outfit you with all the gear you need. From dry tops, wet suits, extra paddling gear – you’ll be in good hands. Despite the air temp, the water temp will be on the chillier side. Extra layers will help you enjoy your time on the river and not worry about taking any wave hits along the way.

Ready to take on some high-water rafting? Check out our trips we have running every weekend through April and into May. Along with a rowdier ride down the river, spring also offers up some of the best deals. Packages start at $79 for April and $89 for May – don’t miss out on your chance to ride the waves!

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