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Winter Activities in the New River Gorge

Even though the New River Gorge is known for its amazing white water rafting, there are many, many activities local to the area that can be enjoyed even through the winter. Many outdoor activities have a completely different side to them that can only be seen through the lens of the winter snow and cold. Even if you aren’t a big “cold weather” person, the absolute beauty of the region will push away any shivers.

Bridge Walk:

One great activity that you can participate in throughout the year is the Bridge Walk. This is a unique opportunity to experience nature and winter from a completely different perspective. Walking on the catwalk (an original part of the structure), you are protected from the elements by the bridge above.

Zip Lines:

Imagine the feeling of the cold winter air hitting your face as you fly down the zipline. Imagine the views that will go along with this experience! Zip lines are a great activity for groups to enjoy that strays away from traditional weekend activities. If you are still looking for an adrenaline fix, without running the risk of getting wet (and cold!), zip lines are a great way to do so in the winter.

Mountain Exploration:

Exploring the mountains can be a breath-taking experience, no matter what time of year. However, the addition of snow and cold adds a level of stillness that would otherwise be unattainable. There are many ways to go out and experience the beauty of the winter mountains in the gorge. We recommend hiking, and if conditions permit, mountain biking. Do be careful though! Ice can lead to few extra bumps and bruises that nobody enjoys. Also, don’t forget to dress for the weather; layers can often be key to a comfortable day versus a miserable one.

Winter Snow Sports:

If more traditional winter sports are your think, fear not! Throughout the greater New River Gorge area, there are several ski resorts only a short drive away. Many of the resorts offer fun outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and tubing. The close proximity of the ski resorts to the Gorge means that you can spend one day exploring the gorge, and one day exploring the slopes!

Shopping & Dining:

If you do start to get a little bit chilly, there are tons of restaurants and boutique shops in historic Fayette county. These range from local eateries such as Pies & Pints or Cafe 110 to the more generic chain restaurants found throughout the region. If you are looking for a piece of artwork or a craft to remember your West Virginia trip by, be sure to visit Tamarack for artwork, food, and crafts designed by locals.


Of course you will need somewhere to stay on your winter West Virginia vacation! River Expeditions offers a wide variety of housing options; so you’ll be sure to find your ideal spot. While camping is always an option for the slightly braver, cabins, ranging from rustic to luxury are available. So, once you are done hiking through the woods, dining downtown, and generally enjoying the beauty and charm of the New River Gorge in the winter, come on over for a warm bed and a cup of hot chocolate.

For more beautiful snow photos (and to help you plan your winter getaway!), please go to: www.visitwv.com

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