A Few of our Favorite Whitewater Rafting Destinations

2016 is starting to come to a close, so with that in mind, we’re starting to think forward to 2017 and where we want to go for our next destination rafting adventures. Of course, we’re biased towards the New River Gorge and the Gauley River, but that’s not to say that there aren’t a number of incredible rivers around the world that can be the source of some of the most incredible trips of your life.

Keep reading for our list of a few of our favorite whitewater rafting destinations that you should definitely add to your bucket list for 2017 and beyond.


The Futaleufu River in Chile

Some of our favorite destinations (apart from the New River Gorge of course!) include:

  1. The Colorado River – Grand Canyon: Although this may seem like a bit of a given, it’s definitely one of our favorite destinations around the world. Of course, the views are incredible, and it is, the Grand Canyon, so there’s a major attraction there, but in conjunction with the world class
  2. Pacuare River – Costa Rica: Ever wanted to go rafting in a rainforest? Ever want to go to a rainforest in general? Then this is your chance! Tropical plants and animals make the Pacuare River an incredible experience for rafters of all skill levels.
  3. Salmon River – Idaho: This river spans for over 100 miles, so you can be sure to have every type of rafting experience possible on your journey 😉 Enjoy drops and turns as you travel though the iconic midwestern countryside of the US.
  4. White Nile River – Uganda: This tributary of the Nile River stretches across a huge stretch of land including Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. It is not only incredible for its rafting, but also for the history and scenery that goes along with it.
  5. Tuolumne River – California: One of the more intense options in the USA, it is also classified as a “National Wild and Scenic River: which very few can claim. This trip is great because in addition to unforgettable whitewater, there are tons of swimming pools and little branches to enjoy too.
  6. Futaleufu River – Chile: Class V rapids = big water. Many rafters believe that it’s one of the most challenging commercial rapid in the world because it has just about every feature that you could imagine to tackle. But what better motivation do you really need?
  7. Karnali River – Nepal: Jungles and Himalayan gorges? Sign us up! If you’re ready to explore Western Nepal and the entire culture that accompanies it, this is the trip for you. Not to mention that guides claim that the trip feels like a “journey”, so you’ll definitely have an experience you’ll never forget.
  8. Magpie River – Canada: And off to Quebec we go! This particular river is amazing because you have the chance of seeing the aurora borealis. Sounds like a perfect rafting/camping/outdoors opportunity!

There are tons of incredible whitewater destinations around the world, and these are just a few that we’re already daydreaming about in these cool fall days. Have you been to one of these rivers, or know of another that you think should be on the list? Tell us in the comments!


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