About the US Whitewater Raft Team

Whitewater rafting is an exciting sport that many people of varying skill levels and locations enjoy throughout the year. In the US, there are two teams that exist to act as representatives for USA rafting around the world. Like many other sports, the teams are divided by gender – although the courses are generally on the same rivers. Teams generally consist of 4-6 rafters, with alternates also available.

The USA Rafting Team members for 2015 are:

Men’s Team –
John Mark Seelig, Matt Norfleet, Todd Toledo, John Anicito

Women’s Team –
Julie Sutton, Hali Sammis, Eva Lambert, Shahara Hansen

In 2015, the World Rafting Championships will be held in Indonesia, on the Citarik River from November 29th to December 3rd. In the past, the championships has been held in locations such as Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia, Brazil and the Netherlands, to name a few! In addition to competing in whitewater rafting competitions around the world, team members also participate in teaching opportunities for young rafters and other outreach programs designed to help promote whitewater rafting the US.

Check out this cool video of the US Women’s Raft Team:

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