A Day at the River (or two days)

You could spend your whole life on the river, but if you are just looking for a weekend rafting trip the choices can range from half a day to two full days. Most guided rafting trips last one day, about 5 to 7 hours round trip. While rafting with certain rafting companies this includes travel time to and from the river as well as a break for a riverside lunch.

Each section of river has different features and covers different lengths of the river therefore, some rafting trips will be shorter or longer than others. Rafting companies can offer half day trips, that will only cover a small part of the river, or full day trips that last up to seven hours. They even have two day trips where you can raft on two sections of the river or on two rivers. On multi-day trips, you may even be able to camp out on the side of the river depending on what trip you choose.

A trip on the river can have a lot of different set backs and advantages.  Trip time also depends on the conditions of the river. If there has been more rain recently and there is more water in the river, it will move faster and you will come to the end of the trip sooner, but possibly have more fun. At times when the river is moving slow, you will have more time to see the beautiful West Virginia scenery.  Each trip has its own individual flair accompanied by it’s very own white water rafting guide that will ensure safety of the group, educate you on whitewater rafting and your surroundings and also works to make your trip the best it can be!