Autumn Activities!

It’s that time of year again! Fall is here and now is as good a time as ever to enjoy the  great outdoors and the West Virginia countryside. With the high summer temperatures coming to an end, there is no better opportunity to take advantage of all the activities available at River  Expeditions. This is the time of year when the vibrant colors of the West Virginia countryside are at their peak  and the view is simply breathtaking. Take a couple hours, an afternoon, or an entire day mountain biking through some of the most beautiful scenery North America has to offer. If you’d rather take it a bit slower, you can saddle up with some friends for an afternoon of horseback riding. However, if you feel like getting your adrenaline  pumping, you can rent four-wheelers and explore the wonders of the Appalachians the extreme way!

Of course, some people like to go at their own pace. They are in luck as there are plenty of hiking trails that range from a light stroll to challenging  workouts. For those who want to just kick back and relax, day-long fishing expeditions are for you. Once you’ve had your fill (if that’s possible) of the natural beauty West Virginia has to offer, you can come back to your campground or cabin for a hot shower and some great food, beverages, and entertainment at the Red Dog River Saloon. Of course, the grandest attraction of them all is still available even during the changing of the seasons. On certain weekends throughout the autumn months the water behind the Summersville Dam is released, creating an unmatched whitewater rafting experience that attracts rafters from all over the world to take on the challenges of some of the best rapids in North America. For those who don’t up to that challenge, novice level rafting is still available for any and all who are interested. There is no better time than right now to enjoy all the River Expeditions has to offer, so make sure you don’t miss out on the excitement and adventure awaiting you!