Bridge Day 2016

Every year thousands of people flock to the New River Gorge Bridge for the annual Bridge Day Celebration. It’s the only day of the year where people are allowed to walk on the bridge, but they’ll be doing much more than that; most notably, BASE jumping (building, antenna, span, and Earth). This year, Bridge Day will span (get it?) from October 14 to 15, and it promises to be no different! There will be a huge variety of events and vendors in the area to introduce both locals and visitors alike to the many regional artisans and businesses.

If you’re wondering what exactly happens during Bridge Day, you would be hard pressed to keep the list short, but you can know that any one of them is sure to result in an incredible part of the overall experience. Keep reading for a list of some activities that you can expect to enjoy this year at Bridge Day!

For a more comprehensive list, we recommend checking out the official Bridge Day Website – which features a detailed history of the day and a full schedule of events and vendors.

It wouldn’t be a proper weekend if it didn’t start on a Friday, right? That means that you can skip work and get there ahead of time to prepare (we’re joking! don’t use this as an excuse!) 😉 The festival planning committee, of course, agrees with you and on October 14th will be be featuring:

-The Taste of Bridge Day @ Smokey’s – YUM!

-Live music with Bridge Jam at the Cascade Festival Grounds

On Saturday, the fun really begins! Aside from the BASE jumping, there are tons of cool things to see and do during the day

New River Gorge Bridge Day – Daylong! Begins at 9AM and goes until 3PM!

-9:15am – Bridge Day 5k race starts (you can begin registration at 8AM). Remember, if you run, then you can eat whatever you want at the Chili Cook Off later!

-10AM – Bridge Day Car Show! See your favorite classics and more at the Gorge Getaway Center.

-10AM – Bridge Jam Concert, just in case you didn’t get enough music on Friday night, or are arriving a little late to the party 😉

-3PM – Hopefully you’ve worked up an appetite by this point in the day, because the Chili Cook-off in downtown Fayetteville is not one to be missed.

-3PM – Duffy Boyd bluegrass band – because what better way to round out an amazing afternoon in the New River Gorge than with a local favorite?

-5PM – Life as we know it returns to normal with normal operation on Route 19 (in other words, no more BASE jumping until 2017)

And of course, throughout the day, you can be sure to see new and experience BASE jumpers taking the plunge. Bridge Day is known for being a great option for new JUMPERS, so you’ll probably be witness to a number of people making memories that will last a lifetime.

This year definitely promise to be a great one – with all these events, guests can be sure that there won’t be a dull second. If you’ve got someone that loves to shop, they’ll feel right at home too with the variety of vendors there! And one of the best parts (in our opinion)? You can go rafting on Sunday too 😉


Do you have a favorite Bridge Day memory or activity? Tell us in the comments below!
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