Bridge Day Wrap Up

Every October, the New River Gorge is home Bridge Day. On this day, thousands of guests, participants and sponsors flock to the New River Gorge to watch the variety of extreme sports that are planned to take place. These days also coincide with a fall Gauley Release weekend and the last official weekend of rafting.


Some of the activities beyond BASE jumping also included rappelling, high lines, and many people’s’ favorite –  parachuting. One of the most exciting returning acts was Lonnie Bissonnette, who leaps the 876 foot drop from his wheelchair – for the 19th time! Over 400 additional participants took part in this huge leap (although no others did so from a wheelchair).

Another major part of Bridge Day is understanding, appreciating and conserving the New River Gorge that allows participants to return year after year – plus all of the whitewater rafters that enjoy the exhilaration from the New and Gauley Rivers. Bridge Day promoted conservation and local consumption via a “Taste of WV” food festival and many local and national vendors helping to educate outdoor enthusiasts on how to best preserve nature and the water into the future. Bridge Day is an important way to remember and support local economies throughout the region.

Many rafters also visited on this exciting weekend. As the last official day of whitewater rafting season, guests and adrenaline junkies could expect high waters, cold temperatures and a strong daily dose of adventure. The Fall Gauley River is world renowned for its difficulty but also the breathtaking views and opportunities it presents for rafters. Even though the temperatures were a touch chilly this weekend, all rafters enjoyed their final opportunity of 2014 to hit the Gauley River. So, until the water warms – stay inside and just rewatch your 2014 rafting highlights.

Spring 2015 might seem like a long way away right now, but rest assured – it will be here before you know it!

For more information about the 35th annual (2014) Bridge Day, please visit the official website here: