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Dry activities to enjoy on your West Virginia vacation!

The New River Gorge is home to many, many activities; one of the biggest ones being white water rafting. However, for those of us who prefer to keep our feet dry, there are many other activities offered by River Expeditions and surrounding outdoor outfitters. The variety of activities is sure to please and excite even the pickiest of outdoorsmen. So, while you are flying down the river, enjoy the experience knowing that other members of your group are having an equally as satisfying (if slightly drier) experience in the New River Gorge.

Many activities throughout the gorge are centered around capturing the beauty and views of the gorge; usually from a different perspective than one would encounter in their average daily life. Obviously, hiking and camping are a great way to get exercise, surround yourself with nature, and find some form of inner peace (even if it’s in the form of sheer tiredness at the end of the day). When hiking through the trails, be sure to pay attention to the many different species of plants and animals that call the gorge home. Another great way to see the views is from atop of a horse. Guided trail rides on horseback are a great way to experience the beauty of the gorge while allowing a more seasoned veteran to lead the way through the trails. It also incorporates the excitement and joy that many people experience when they are on the back of a horse. If you are looking for a slightly quicker pace in a more open environment, then ATV rides may be the right option for you. These tours feature speed, hills, and views worthy of a calendar, all jam packed onto an ATV.  These different options all offer something slightly different from each other, but they all provide a way to experience the beauty of the gorge in a way that is truly unforgettable.

Other activities are available for the competitor, adrenaline junkie, and the more serious athlete. One of these options is rock climbing! From beginner to veteran climber, the New River Gorge is full of cliffs and mountains to scramble up. In addition to hiking, guided ATV tours are a great way to pick up some speed and take in the views.  If that’s not enough excitement, consider spending an afternoon casually flying through the air; by skydiving!

One of the great perks of these activities is that they can be paired with a day of white water rafting to create a full weekend of adventure.  So, next time you are planning a West Virginia getaway, consider some of these amazing experiences for both your land-loving friends, and for when you take a break from the thrill of the water.

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