Frequently Asked Questions!

Whitewater rafting is an fun, outdoorsy adventure that just about anyone can participate in at some level. However, there are some frequently asked questions that people have when they are researching their future rafting adventure. Today we have put together a list of some of the most common questions people ask about white water rafting!


Here are some of the top FAQ’s from many rafters:

What is the minimum age for rafting on the New River Gorge?

Upper/Upper New River
Minimum age 6

Upper/Lower New River
Minimum age 12

Lower New/ Upper Gauley River
Minimum age 16

Upper/Lower Gauley River
Minimum age 16

Upper/Upper Gauley River
Minimum age 16


What should I wear?

Over the summer, a bathing suit, shorts, t-shirt, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and old tennis shoes or river sandals are recommended. In the fall and spring, a sweater, hat, wool socks over swimwear plus a wetsuit or nylon paddling gear. Many rafting vendors offer wetsuit and paddling jackets for daily rentals.

How do I get to and from the river?

Usually, a shuttle bus will transport rafters from basecamp to riverside and back!

How long are rafting trips?

Most day trips run for about 5-7 hours. However, some rafting outfitters may offer “express” trips that only take a few hours.

What happens if it rains?

Rafting is a wet activity! Even if there is rain, most trips will continue to run – because participants will get wet even if there is not a single cloud in the sky. If it gets too heavy or stormy, guides can pull the raft over and allow bad weather to pass through.

Who can raft?

Just about anyone! Many rafting outfitters offer a low-key, tranquil option for beginners or high energy paths for the veteran rafter.

Do you have any other questions about rafting? Leave a comment below!