Get Real! – A man-made rafting park and Whitewater Rafting on the river are not the same

I was with some friends recently and the subject of vacations came up.  I asked if they had ever been whitewater rafting and their response was, “oh, yeah, I’ve been to that rafting park… it was okay”.  I could not hide my shock and disappointment.  And that’s what prompted my musings.

Just okay?  As the current AT&T commercials say, just okay is NOT okay.  To compare whitewater rafting on the river to a man-made rafting “park” is simply inconceivable.  There is truly no comparing the two experiences – I mean, get real!

From the anticipation on the bus ride to the river, to the butterflies in your tummy above each rapid, to the surge of adrenaline during each class V+ rapid and the pure satisfaction and joy of accomplishment, not to mention conquering your fears – whitewater rafting just does not compare to a concrete slalom course that’s one notch above a lazy river.  Not that there’s anything wrong with going to a water park, just know that it is not (I repeat, NOT) the same as going whitewater rafting.


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Heather Johnson, has worked in the rafting industry since 1982.  She and her husband, Rick, own River Expeditions – the area’s only family owned adventure outfitter.  There they are surrounded by a team of like-minded professionals who share their passion for adventure and encourage guests to discover the best of West Virginia each day.