Grand Canyon Rafting

Every year, the National Park Service issues a certain number of permits to non-commercial rafting trips on the Grand Canyon. In 2016, 472, 12-15 day long permits will be available to white water rafting enthusiasts. The selection process is a lottery, but priority does go to those who have not experienced a whitewater rafting trip in the Grand Canyon. This process is completed a year in advance so that all of the details can be thoroughly planned and approved to ensure a successful (organized) season on the water.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most historic landmarks in the United States. It is renowned for breathtaking views and a longstanding place in American history. By applying for (and receiving!) a permit to go out to the Grand Canyon, rafters are not only participating in an amazing rafting opportunity, but also in a part of American culture.

The requirements for applying for a non-commercial permit include:

  • Applicants must be 18 or older
  • Trips must be self guided
  • Previous white water experience is required

Commercial (guided) whitewater trips are available too. The application process for those trips are slightly different, with many private vendors available to take guests on guided trips. However, interested participants should keep in mind that they are limited to one trip per year on the Grand Canyon – commercial or non-commercial.

Looking for where to apply?

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