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Horseback Riding in West Virginia!

West Virginia is home to many different activities that bring people away from their computers and out into nature. Obviously, we are a little biased towards whitewater rafting down the New River Gorge as a method to explore the area, but there are plenty of other ways to see different sides of the gorge. So, if you are looking for a fun and dry way to experience the great outdoors during you weekend getaway that is a bit drier, try horseback riding!

Babcock State Park is home to a local stable that provides guided tours throughout the park. These tours are a fun and unique way to get around West Virginia. This full-service trail ride winds up and down through the woods and along the water – so don’t forget your camera. We have made a list of some of our top tips for your equine adventure!

  1. Wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes that have a heel.
  2. Fly spray and sunscreen are important! Don’t forget those.
  3. Wear clothes that fit closely, but not tightly. Loose clothes can get caught on things or cause rubs where they come into contact with the saddle.
  4. Stretch before and after your ride – especially if you aren’t used to riding regularly.
  5. Listen to your guide! They know where they are and what to anticipate with the horses.
  6. Don’t walk behind the horses!
  7. Ask your guide’s permission before feeding any treats to your horse.
  8. Hydrate yourself before your trip, you won’t want a ton of extra stuff to carry during your ride.
  9. Horses respond to your motions and attitude – so it is best to always remain calm and positive when around them.
  10. Have fun and enjoy your afternoon with your new four-legged friend!

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