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Life Lessons from Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater rafting is an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, or really anyone looking for a unique and memorable experience. Taking a rafting adventure provides a great day full of friends, fun, sunshine (hopefully) and amazing views that sure to impress  even the most seasoned of travelers. Beyond these obvious benefits, did you know that whitewater rafting can also teach important life lessons??

What life lessons you ask? Keep reading for our Top 10 Life Lessons from Whitewater Rafting

1. Sometimes the best experiences are not 100% planned. Think you can control ALL of the water you travel down? Nope – but these experiences can be some of the best of your life; if you let them!

2. Getting splashed is okay. What does this mean in “real life”? Let things happen as they may, and don’t try and control things that you can’t.

3. Always make friends with those on your rafting trip. The people you meet on your adventures are those who share similar interests, and those who hold the most potential for creating lasting relationships with.

4. Be prepared. Although you can’t predict everything (see #1 and #2), you can make necessary preparations to ensure that when you run into unexpected situations you are more able to deal with them.

5. Enjoy the moment. If you are constantly thinking about everything else, how can you expect to enjoy your day on the water, nature, etc?

6. Be brave. That water might look fast, but if you believe in yourself you can conquer it. This applies in more life situations than most of us even realize!

7. Teamwork is important. This is especially true in whitewater rafting – the front has to work together with the back! And of course, many situations in life require the ability to communicate and work well with those around you.

8. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Never whitewater rafted? That’s okay – chances are you’ll love it! And this one 100% applies to many different facets of daily life.

9. Having a mentor is helpful. In the case of rafting, it would be your guide! Don’t be afraid to ask questions of those who know more about a certain topic than you.

10. Seize opportunities as they come to you. This means that if you have the chance to hit a new river on the raft, do it! Sometimes opportunities may not be immediately present, so be on the lookout!

Are there any other life lessons that you have learned from whitewater rafting? Leave them in a comment below!

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