Pacific Whitewater Adventures

While we are sitting and shivering watching the snow fall, our far away friends in New Zealand, Australia and the greater Pacific region are enjoying the height of the summer rafting season. These inverse seasons are caused by the summer solstice occurring in December instead of June because of the Earth’s position relative to the sun. It’s not too late to get down under for a “winter” white water rafting adventure!

Keep reading for more information on some of our top Pacific White Water adventures.


Franklin River Rafting – Tasmania/Australia:

The Franklin River is on the island of Tasmania, located off the coast of Australia. This amazing adventure lasts for 8-10 days because of the length of the river and also the amount of transit required to reach Tasmania. This river is protected under as UNESCO World Heritage Area, ensuring the the tropical beauty of the region is maintained. The Franklin River is known for the breathtaking, untouched beauty that is unmatched around the world.

Upper Navua River Rafting – Fiji:

The Upper Navua River is located on the Island of Fiji. Fiji is accessible from Australia, New Zealand, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. This river is in Viti Livu, and is surrounded by huge trees and tropical rainforests. In this trip, guests can be sure that they will see a variety of tropical birds, animals, and fish. Additionally, the Upper Navua River is also home to over 50 waterfalls!

Wairoa River Rafting – New Zealand:

The Wairoa is one of the most popular rafting destinations in New Zealand (which is full of great whitewater rafting opportunities). This river only runs for 26 days out of the year because of a hydro dam. These dates are set annually and for 2015 and occur from January to May.

Snowy River – Australia:

The Snowy River in New South Wales, Australia is the ideal family getaway rafting trip for the busy adventure travelers! This river features animals such as platypus’, kangaroos, and many of the other traditional Australian animals in their native habitats. These trips are generally classes 1-3, meaning that beginners or nervous rafters are sure to have a great time too!

Karamea River – New Zealand:

The Karamea River has a unique turn that makes it distinct from many other rafting opportunities (in the Pacific or otherwise) – you have to get there by helicopter! Additionally, the Karamea River is considered to be Class 4-5 – so highly experienced rafters need only apply! This rafting adventure, between the helicopter and extreme rapids is perfect for the serious adrenaline junkie.

Are there any other Pacific adventures that you have been on, or want to go on? Leave it in a comment below!