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Rafting for Teambuilding

White water rafting is a fun and exciting activity that requires all participants to cooperate and communicate with each other. This particular combination means that many organizations find themselves hitting the water as a way to build rapport and flexibility between members of groups, workplaces and other associations.

There are tons of reasons why whitewater rafting is a great form of teambuilding, so we have compiled a list of our

Top 6 Reasons to Raft (Teambuilding Edition):

1. It requires open and clear communication between rafters and their guide. Everyone who is in the raft needs to be paying attention to not only themselves but also to what those around them are doing and saying.

2. Whitewater rafting can be fast paced and decisions must be made quickly and efficiently to ensure that the action is carried out in time. This consistent brisk pace requires that all participants keep up and also look ahead to try to anticipate what is going to happen next.

3. It is an exciting change from the urban or suburban environment that many people spend a majority of their time in. Fresh air and nature can immediately bring about an improvement in attitude in everyone, leading to a more cooperative group of people.

4. Rafting is an equal opportunity sport. The water does not care if you are the CFO or a Junior Accountant, it will treat you the same. This equality is a good reminder that there is much more to the world than ourselves.

5. Great stories come from great times. If everyone has a great trip over the weekend, they will be happy the next time they are working together – shared experiences makes for content people.

6. It is FUN! What better way to foster teamwork and communication between members of a group? Everyone gets to spend a weekend outdoors, having a great time, and building relationships without even realizing it.

There are tons more reasons to bring your group on the water, but those are our top choices.

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