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Rafting = Unplugging

When was the last time that you really took a break from technology? We love (and coexist with) a variety of different devices at almost any waking moment, but sometimes having so many “inputs” can be overwhelming. Our solution to the problem should be practically a given – a little bit of time on the whitewater. 😎

This post is dedicated to all the ways that rafting can get us away from our screens and back to the things that are truly important – family, friends, and the amazing world that we are all lucky enough to live in.

We may be a bit biased but we love West Virginia, whitewater rafting, and the overall escape that the two combined can provide for people. Got a friend who won’t pull their face out of their phone, but really needs to? Send them a link to this list, book your rafting weekend, and get ready for the change!

If whitewater rafting isn’t in and of itself enough to get you away from your iPhone, check out our favorite reasons why you should leave the phone alone and hit the whitewater.

  1. Phones + water = expensive and untimely death. We’re speaking on behalf of all iPhones when we say, leave them somewhere safe. Want photos to remember your weekend by? Check ahead to see if you can bring a GoPro and most whitewater rafting outfitters will have photographers there to catch the best moments of the trip.
  2. As an add on to this, wifi/4G might be in short supply if you’re in a canyon or gorge 😉 (and really, what a waste of data that would be)
  3. Who has time to check Facebook when you’re flying down a river, dodging rocks and experiencing thrilling drops? Your focus will definitely be much more useful elsewhere than a screen.
  4. Do you ever get the feeling that having a phone puts you constantly at the disposal of friends, family, coworkers, etc? If a phone is safely tucked away in a locker, your mind can finally rest, knowing that you in the most physical of senses, cannot be called.
  5. The world is so much prettier when viewed without a lens. Yes, we all want pictures to remember our trips by, but doesn’t that almost mean that you miss the moment when it happens?

If you’re ready to switch off the phone, the water is ready to greet you! It’s time to get started planning your weekend getaway 😉

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