River Expeditions Continues their Annual Volley Championship Weekend Packages into 2016

Many things have changed in the United States since gaining independence in 1776, but one thing is for certain, there is still, and always will be, an almost unmistakable pride that motivates us to celebrate our freedom. For the last 24 years, River Expeditions has done its part to facilitate this freedom and pride by hosting an annual Independence Day Volleyball tournament, plus great specials on whitewater rafting available throughout the long weekend.

This 4th of July, River Expeditions will be continuing this annual celebration on the weekend of July 2nd with volleyball, whitewater rafting, BBQ, camping and much more – all for one great all inclusive price. For $155, guests can raft on Saturday, participate in the Volleyball tournament, camp, and receive a light daily breakfast to get everything started on the right foot. If you prefer to raft on either Friday or Sunday, you can enjoy even better discounts, with inclusive packages starting at $130! The party doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, with great drink specials for rafting guests at the Red Dog River Saloon.

“If you love volleyball and whitewater rafting, this really is the perfect weekend for you.” Explains River Expeditions owner, Rick Johnson, “Rafting is of course our favorite way to pass the time, but we do have to be on dry ground sometimes – so what better way to spend it than by playing volleyball? Add a three day weekend into the equation and you can be sure that your trip will be one to remember.”

The New and Gauley Rivers offer an almost unmatchable cultural and sporting experience, because with every stroke of the paddle, you are participating in a traditional almost as old as West Virginia itself. Add in the competitive nature of a volleyball tournament, and you can be assured that you are doing justice to the American ideal of freedom; and in one of the most fun ways possible! Ready for a break from the water? River Expeditions offers a number of activities – both onsite and offsite, that are perfect for your day without whitewater. Some of the most popular options include hiking, horseback riding, paintball, zipline rides, and of course, much more. The New River Gorge is famous for the high variety of classes of whitewater on the rivers – so this means that there really is a trip for everyone. Water temperatures hover around 78 degrees in July, so it is one of the perfect times to hit the water.

For more information about the Volleyball Championships, and to obtain entry forms, please call River Expeditions at 1.800.463.9873.

When whitewater rafting with River Expeditions, you can expect to travel down a stretch of the New or Gauley Rivers on an inflatable raft (or, alternatively, in a kayak or a “duckie”). Trips generally last about 5-7 hours, including a break for a waterside lunch. No experience is necessary on the milder trips, but is required for some of the more difficult paths. The ability to swim is helpful, but not essential – and many non-swimmers take to the water every year. All necessary safety equipment is provided by River Expeditions, including a Coast Guard approved Type V Life Jacket, paddle, and helmet.