The New River Gorge Games

If you find yourself in Southern West Virginia this August 1st-2nd and want to see some incredible displays of athleticism and fitness, be sure to stop by and check out the New River Gorge Games in Thurmond, West Virginia. Formerly known as the New River Gorge Challenge, this exciting weekend event features a number of events created to allow athletes from both local and afar to demonstrate their skills – all while helping to benefit a great local cause; the New River Gorge Learning Cooperative. The NRGLC’s aim is to provide an experienced based education that helps children up to the age of 9 to understand and appreciate the world around them via hands-on activities and participation.


When most people think about the New River Gorge, the first thing that comes to mind is either the bridge, or whitewater rafting underneath it! The bridge and the surrounding regions are host to a number of outdoor events ranging from golf tournaments in the summer to “Bridge Day” in the fall, where BASE jumpers from around the country flock to the bridge. The New River Gorge Games promises to be an exciting extension of the list of “fun outdoorsy things to do” in Southern West Virginia.

Activities over this exciting weekend include:

Captain Thurmond’s Challenge: This includes a 15 mile bike ride, 7 mile paddle across the Class V rapids in New River Gorge, and a 6.5 mile run to top it all off! PHEW

Half & Half 5k: This 5k takes runners around downtown Fayetteville, including a route through the historic Gaines Estate. What better way to get in your morning run?

Thurmond Triathlon: Despite its similarity in name to Captain Thurmond’s Challenge, this triathlon is designed with the beginner in mind. The event begins with a bike ride from the Thurmond Depot, is followed by a 1.5 mile paddle and finishes with a run spanning for 2 miles.


For more information on this fun annual event, check out their website: The New River Gorge Games

Have you ever participated in any of the events in the New River Gorge Games? Leave us a comment below telling us about it!