The Water is Warm

With summer approaching, the water is warming up on the New and Gauley Rivers. As the air gets hotter, it feels great to splash around in some whitewater. In the summertime, the water will stay about 70° F. Summer also means that the water level and speed will stay more regular.

At River Expeditions, rafters on multi-day trips can camp out along the side of the river when it is warm enough in the summer. Summer is a great time for rafting because the water is comfortable and the features stay more consistent.

Summer isn’t the only time to go rafting. Actually, during spring and fall, more water comes through the rivers making the water move faster and the whitewater get bigger. In the spring, West Virginia gets a lot of rain and the winter snows melt causing an increase in water levels in the Gauley and New Rivers. In the fall, Summersville Dam gets released and Gauley Season begins. The rapid increase in water level creates intense whitewater and exciting features. Because the water will be cooler in Spring and Fall, it might be a good idea to wear a wetsuit.

The transitions periods in Spring and Fall also create beautiful landscapes along the rivers.