What do you want to do AFTER the pandemic?

We’re all looking for some silver linings in today’s clouds of uncertainty.  What do you want to do AFTER the pandemic?  Should you stay or should you go?  For some, travel plans are still a faint daydream but for those eager to escape isolation, River Expeditions in West Virginia’s New River Gorge offers a hopeful glimpse of future opportunities for adventure.

As a small, family owned outfitter they are well positioned in the travel market as trends shift from outbound, big-ticket trips to domestic, close-to-home adventures offering uncrowded experiences in wide open spaces – no lines, no tourist traps.  There, in one of West Virginia’s coolest small towns, you’ll find history, nature, culture and endless adventures – the lifeblood of River Expeditions.

Rick and Heather Johnson have been taking new and old friends on amazing West Virginia river adventures since 1996. As a native southern West Virginian, the river has always been a huge part of Heather’s life. In fact, she started in the business when she was just 15 years old working at her father’s rafting company “shucking corn, folding t-shirts and picking up cigarette butts… all the glamorous jobs.” Their first date was a rafting trip together in 1990 and Rick became hooked too. They were married in 1995 and started their own whitewater business in 1996. The rest, as they say “is history.”

Their second-generation family business harkens back to a feeling of “summer camp” full of fun with friends and family. River Expeditions is more than just their business though, it is their love and life. And since they do not have any investors to please, they can provide an amazing experiences at a value families can afford. Now, more relevant than ever, this proves to be a precious commodity in itself.

From the start River Expeditions believed in a mission, not a mission statement.  Quite simply, they love sharing their passion for adventure and their guests come first, period.  They are surrounded by a like-minded managers, staff and guides who together pledge gracious hospitality, uncompromising service and unequaled value.  Understand that not all outfitters are created equal.  Caring about guests is their company ethos and competitive advantage. They’re all about cultivating relationships worthy of trust and loyalty, never forgetting to have FUN along the way – always mindful that vacation time is precious and experiences with family and friends are to be treasured.

While you’ll find plenty to do at River Expeditions including rafting and scenic float trips on the New and Gauley Rivers, zipline tours and tons of other amenities on their campus, they encourage you to explore the area’s whimsical shops, hip eateries and unique attractions including state and national parks.  By immersing yourself in the lives and community of West Virginia’s New River Gorge, you’ll truly feel a bond with its vibrant, eclectic soul.

River Expeditions curates mold-breaking adventures on West Virginia’s rivers, mountains, trails and treetops.  No other outfitter can match this level of immersion, intimacy and wonder as you challenge your mind, test your body and renew your spirit.  Our unquenchable desire for travel experiences which connect us to others and the world around us cannot be suppressed – even during these dark days, we’re confident that brighter days are ahead.

In the rush to return to normal, consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.  River Expeditions continues to be ever-present on their social channels offering a expectant peek of future travel prospects – never pushing or minimizing the impact of the pandemic.  Their aim is to provide encouragement along with a gentle reminder that we WILL get through this together and emerge stronger on the other side.  They strike a healthy balance of optimism and expectation.

Still not sure which direction to take?  Consider a road trip to wild, wonderful West Virginia’s New River Gorge.  Like you, River Expeditions is committed to reducing their impact on the environment.  You can download their latest brochure and see for yourself the difference a family-owned outfitter makes.

Ready to hit the road?