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What Other Activities Are Available in the New River Gorge?

If you want to take a break from whitewater rafting then don’t worry since there’s still so much to see and do at River Expeditions in Oak Hill, West Virginia.  There are a variety of outdoor adventures for you to choose from for children to older adults, no matter what experience level!


Get ready for extreme paintball in the woods of West Virginia on a woodsball court.  This wooded course is filled with forts, blinds and tons space to roam and stalk your opponents.  Guides will explain to players the rules of the game as well as safety instructions.  Equipment such as goggles, a paintball gun and 500 paintballs are provided, plus there are more paintballs for purchase!  This paintball adventure lasts 2 for hours.  There is a minimum of 4 people, ages 10 and older for only $45 per person!

Massage Therapy 

After a long day of rafting the best thing to loosen up those tight muscles and joints has got to be a message!  Luckily at River Expeditions there is a licensed, resident message therapist!  Reach maximum relaxation, unwind and sooth your muscles with a message.  And if you can’t get make it to the masseuse then no worries since there is a message chair most Saturdays in the Red Dog River Saloon!

Pools and Hot tubs

River Expeditions is the only white water rafting resort to offer an outdoor pool and a hot tub!  Enjoy the pool on a hot summer day or the 18 person hot tub on a cool evening!

Scenic Float Trips

Take a guided float trip on the Upper New River and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the New River Gorge National River.  A scenic float trip is a mellow, calm, tranquil and peaceful trip that is good for young children ages 6 and up as well as older adults.  Guides educate rafters about the local culture, history and folklore.  Kids raft half price on single day trips!

RV Tours

Take a tour through mountains, creeks and streams on a guided, half day RV tour!  Travel over 500 miles while taking in the scenic mountain views and the woodlands of West Virginia.  There is no experience required on RV Tours since there are trails for all levels of experience!  Be sure to gear up with long pants and an old t-shirt, since you will get messy!  Half day RV tours start at $209!

Mountain Biking

West Virginia is ranked number 5 for the best mountain biking destinations in America.  Explore the New River Gorge on miles and miles of trails.  Biking trails vary so there is something for all ages and experience.  A bike and helmet are included!  Half day mountain biking starts at $80 and full day mountain biking starts at $120!


Relax, float and fish on the New River while enjoying catch and release fishing.  The New River is ranked number 4 for the best Smallmouth Bass fishing rivers in the country.  Learn and expand on your fishing techniques with a guided fishing trip.  There is a 2 person minimum for fishing trips.  Fishing trips start at $225 and lunch is included!!


Hike the New River Gorge National Park!  There are six different trails to choose from.  Trails vary from 1/4 to 7 miles.  Difficulty of trails also vary from flat grounds to steep terrain.  There is a variety of trails that ensures there is something for everyone.  When hiking just remember to keep trail etiquette in mind!

Trail Etiquette 

  • Pack it in, Pack it out. Pocket all your trash, including cigarette butts and candy wrappers, and dispose of it properly.
  • Wildflowers, wildlife, and historic objects all contribute to the beauty we came to see. Leave them undisturbed.
  • Keep pets on a leash at all times.
  • Bicycles are only permitted on designated bike trails.
  • Courtesy and common sense on the trail can help provide an enjoyable experience for all. Respect the rights of others.

Horseback Riding

Don’t miss out on guided horseback riding along the tranquil paths of the New River Gorge.  There are three different horse back riding trips to choose from.  2 hour guided trips start at $59, half day rides start at $79 and the amazing sunset view ride starts at $65.  There is a minimum age of 8, and remember to bring closed toed shoes since no open toe shoes or flip flops are allowed on horseback.

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

The New River Gorge is one of the most popular rock climbing and rappelling destinations in the country.  There is over 20 miles of cliff line for all levels of experience.  Climbs are for children ages 6 and older.  Half day climbs start at $80, full day climbs start at 140 and 2 hour rappelling starts at $45.  And don’t worry, all equipment is included!

Zipline/Canopy Tours

Fly through the forest, over creeks and West Virginia wildlife surrounding the New River Gorge.  There are 10 zip, 5 cable brides and observation decks.  Ziplines and canopy tours have a weight requirement of 90 to 225 pounds.  These trips last  3 and a half hours and start at only $109!

You can make a reservation online or you can call 1.800.463.9873.

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