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White Water Rafting Deals on the River

Be sure to check with your rafting outfitter about specials, deals and discounts!!  Most rafting companies also provide group deals and lodging as well.  Don’t avoid a day or weekend trip whitewater rafting because you think it might be pricey, there are so many ways to save money!

Most rafting companies offer weekly deals where you can save money and raft on selected days.  Along with weekly deals there are also holiday specials.  Make sure to look out for packages when scheduling your rafting trip.  You could potentially get a weekend away, food, lodging and rafting for a cheap price with most rafting companies.  Look out for rafting and other extreme sports discounts on Bridge Day, the nations largest extreme sports festival!

If you are part of a large group and want to know how to save money then check out any group deals that your rafting company may offer.   All types of group trip from Senior Citizens to school trips, family reunions, fundraising trips and many more may be available at your rafting company! Members of scout troops can even earn their BSA Whitewater Rafting Merit Badges as part of a group trip.

Your rafting outfitter can also help you save money on lodging, too.  Most rafting resorts have a selection of lodging choices that can fit any budget.  Camping, RV sites, and a variety of cabins may be available for you to choose from.  If camping or staying in a cabin is unappealing to you then check out the deals rafting companies have with local hotels and motels.  Don’t forget to look for online booking discounts as well!

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