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Ahhh Instagram.

It’s rapidly becoming one of the most popular social networks – and understandably so. With photos and videos and an easy-to-follow layout, it’s a great way to get your rafting fix anywhere with 4G. One of the best parts? Being able to instantly find some of the best whitewater rafting shots from anywhere in the world – in real time (perfect for the long winter ahead when it’s sunny and warm down under).

So, whether you’re new to it, or are looking for some accounts to liven up your feed with, check out our list of our favorite whitewater rafting Instagram accounts.

So, in no particular order,

VEPaddles: As the name may suggest, they make paddles. Their feed is full of pictures of their paddles and the places they make it to. Recent stops include an offshore oil rig, an assortment of waterfalls around the world, the Alps and Spain!

WhitewaterPorn: OK – we admit it, the name can be a little off-putting initially. But the feed is priceless – and full of dry commentary to keep it going. If you’re looking for a good dose of whitewater in photos and videos with a bit of an edge, this is the account for you.

DBP_4_Life: DPB stands for “dirt bag paddlers”, which of course, is how this account likes to refer to themselves! Humor and rafting? This is it. It’s got a variety of water sports interspersed with memes and other posts sure to make you laugh.. or maybe cry.

RyanBabyBirdLucas: Ever wondered what it looks like to kayak some of the best whitewater in the world? Now you don’t have to. Follow Ryan Lucas as he kayaks around the world in some of the best and most exclusive whitewater tracks.

AdvantageGrandCanyon: The Grand Canyon – an unmistakable American landmark. These guys get to spend every day of rafting season experiencing the awesome views of the Grand Canyon. So while you may be spending a day in an office in London, you can take a look into the day’s whitewater (and maybe secretly check flight prices for your next vacation).

MalaysiaWhiteWaterRafting: There’s just something about the lush and tropical trees and plants of this whitewater feed that make you want to immediately find the closest jungle. If that’s not a realistic option, we recommend following this feed so that you can get your fix.

RushSturges: If you’re looking for an account with a solid balance of interesting life experiences and amazing whitewater adventure, this is it. Not only does Rush have an inherently interesting life (goes with the environment?), he also gets amazing shots of his whitewater adventures.

CanoeKayakMag: Any magazine dedicated some of our favorite water vessels, is one that we’ll be happy to follow. And they do deliver – with interesting content and amazing photography. This is the type account you can show to your “non-whitewater” friends and know that they’ll love it.

Boof_and_Destroy: Any page that has a description including “A collective from the kayakers your mom warned you about” is bound to be entertaining. And yes, their pictures and videos are definitely worth the follow.

NRSweb: NRS is a gear brand based out of Idaho. Their feed features a variety of whitewater and outdoor activities – all with great photography. It helps that the entire team knows the sports, so if you’re looking for top notch equipment, NRS is definitely worth checking out.

These are just a few of many, many fun rafting Instagram accounts out there, so let these be your inspiration for finding your favorites!

Do you have a favorite account? Share it with us in the comments below!

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