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Winter Whitewater Readings

Winter has a arrived and brought a burst of cold weather and precipitation across much of the country. This means that many whitewater rafters are going to either travel south to warmer waters or stick it out in the frozen north. Most of us have obligations that prevent seasonal trips surrounding the rafting calendar, so we will have to settle for other forms of rafting entertainment. We can look at our videos and try to figure out where to improve, or we can read books about every rafting topic ranging from equipment to technique. Or, if we want something a bit less educational and a bit more fun, we can read novels surrounding whitewater adventures around the world.

Authors that write about rafting have a deep appreciation for the support, and in many cases, are highly experienced with whitewater and other challenges faced by the rafter. Keep reading for a list of some of our recommended rafting-related novels. Many of these can be found on Amazon.com in digital and hard copies. Don’t forget to support a local or national conservation organization if you shop online through Amazon (and their AmazonSmile program).

Here is a list of several books we recommend to help pass the time this winter:

  1. Whitewater: A Thriller – Follow the adventures of an ex Navy Seal down the Kern River.
  2. Chasing God’s River – When a man returns to his roots in Colorado, he is confronted with aspects of his past that bring about unexpected consequences – both on and off the snarled river.
  3. Deadly Currents – A murder mystery based around whitewater on the Arkansas River. If you are looking for a page-turning murder, this is the book for you!
  4. Downriver – Six teenagers “borrow” a raft from an outdoor adventure company – landing them in the middle of the Grand Canyon, on the adventure of their lives!
  5. The Spirit of the River – Follow a lawyer in her spiritual and work journey along the Sierra Nevada River in California.

Some of these books are more appropriate for older readers, and some are less relevant to rafting – but equally as enticing to pass the time as the snowflakes fall. Do you have a suggestion for a rafting book that you think we should read? Leave it in a comment below. Stay tuned for more ways to pass the time this winter – there are tons of options outside of the fictitious books listed above.

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