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Zipline Time!

Are you ready to experience West Virginia’s NEWEST zipline?? Well, then you are in luck! We are excited to introduce West Virginia Zipline! This exciting activity is a truly amazing way to experience the treetops and the greater New River Gorge. So come on out and visit; professional guides are ready to take you on the flight of your life!

So, as you probably know, a zipline consists of a long cable and pulley system suspended high across the ground, starting at a higher point and ending at a lower point. They utilize gravity and the basic laws of physics to create an absolutely exhilarating ride. The key to riding a zipline is to understand that in order to pick up speed, one must reduce the amount of friction on the cable – via a pulley system. Stopping is just as easy since both guests and guides have the ability to brake.

This amazing trip takes about 2-2.5 hours and takes you high up in the trees. A professional guide will lead you from tree to tree with highly secured harnesses and cables. The trees serve as hosts for a full network of platforms and bridges – putting all riders in the middle of nature. Don’t be fooled though – this is not a boring nature trip! Ziplines are a quick and thrilling way to take you soaring through an entirely different environment.

There are a ton of reasons to try ziplining! Here are our Top 8 Reasons to ride a zipline:

  1. Who doesn’t want to fly through the air?
  2. It is an AMAZING way to experience nature – what a perspective!
  3. It is less physically taxing than other adventures.
  4. Conquer your fears – if you are afraid of heights, ziplines are a great way to do it (they are VERY safe and secure) – AKA confidence builder!
  5. It has strong health benefits – it keeps the heart pumping!
  6. Long lasting memories. You’ll never forget this experience!
  7. It is a fantastic way to bond, with both new friends and old.
  8. Learn physics – in practice!

So, next time you are planning your weekend getaway, be sure to add a zipline ride into your day!

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