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Campfire Safety Essentials

As much as we love campfires (and we do), it is important to remember fire safety when enjoying them. Fire prevention doesn’t have to be difficult, and has a strong base in common sense, so it’s easy to take the necessary precautions. Keep reading for our list of some of our top campfire safety resources and what type of information you can learn from them.

  1. Smokey Bear – Ah yes. Those who grew up in the USA in the 1940’s and forward will remember presentations during school from him. Smokey Bear is backed by the US Forest Service and is a valuable resource for learning about campfire safety in a way that is visually appealing for children. This is a great resource if you’re looking for straightforward tips that can be appreciated by campers of all ages – without being dry or boring.
  2. Campfire Safety with the H.E.A.T Team – The essentials of fire safety packed into an informative 8 minute video. The H.E.A.T. Team also publishes general fire safety tips in conjunction with a number of reputable organizations, so their knowledge spreads beyond the campfire.
  3. Campfire Safety: Cool the Coals – Published by the American Burn Association, this handy 1-page document neatly summarizes the facts into neat bullet points. They also include useful information for what to do in the case of a burn.
  4. Building a Safe Campfire – Every good campfire starts with a good and safe base – not just in how it is put out. Published by the US Forest Service directly, this page includes a very comprehensive explanation of how to choose a suitable site and build a campfire that is a safe to start with as it is to end.

There are tons more resources on how to have a safe and enjoyable campfire, but we can’t forget one of the tastiest parts of “campfire safety” – the perfect s’more. 😉

Do you have any favorite resources for fire safety? Or tips that you’ve picked up during your camping days? Tell us in a comment!

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