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Memorial Day Specials in the New River Gorge

River Expeditions invites guests to join them in celebrating Memorial Day weekend on the New River Gorge. This weekend getaway includes a day of whitewater rafting, 3 nights of camping, BBQ and much more!

Memorial Day weekend means a lot of things to a lot of people. Of course, one of the most important is to respect the memory of those before us who have helped to make the world what we know it as today. In addition to this, it is also a great chance to enjoy the freedoms that they worked so hard to secure.

This Memorial Day, join River Expeditions in celebrating with a weekend in the heart of West Virginia whitewater rafting on the New River Gorge. Guests have the option to raft any day between Saturday and Monday, and then to spend the remainder of the time exploring all the activities the area has to offer. Onsite lodging is available and amenities range from rustic to luxurious – so there’s something for every level of nature and camping enthusiast (or non-enthusiast, as the case may be).

“The New River Gorge is appealing any time of the year, but early summer is definitely one of our favorites.” Explains River Expeditions owner, Rick Johnson. “Our Memorial Day Madness package is a fantastic way for friends and family to experience the thrill of the water in those long summer days. With both the Upper and Lower New Rivers being open, there really is a trip for every level of whitewater rafter – from the ‘first timers’ to the seasoned rafter: many of whom we end up seeing again and again. You know what they say, there’s just something about the New River Gorge that keeps people coming back.”

Whitewater rafting consists of traveling down a stretch of water in an inflatable raft. Trips usually last for about 5-7 hours, including a break for a waterside lunch. Being able to swim is helpful, but not mandatory, and many “non-swimmers” take to the water every year. Guests are also provided with the necessary safety equipment: a Coast Guard approved Type V Life Jacket, paddle, and helmet.

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