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Rivers in Australia

As the cooler months descend upon us, the warmer months are rolling around on the other side of the world in Australia. What does that mean? If you’re already missing the whitewater, now is the time to plan your trip down under. Or at least look at pictures of the amazing whitewater and gorgeous scenery that one day you could be rafting on. One day.

So, to help pass the time until you get to the whitewater, we’ve done a little research for you about the best rivers in Australia to raft on. Not to mention the whole host of other activities to join in on while you’re there.. And kangaroos 😉

Rafting Australia

There are a few main rivers in Australia on which you can go whitewater rafting (or in a variety of other water vessels in many cases). The different rivers mean that you can find varying levels of whitewater and different experiences depending what you’re looking for, but regardless, you can be sure that the water will be amazing and so will be the entire adventure.  Like many rivers and environments around the world, the Australian rivers are seasonal, so it’s important to take these different changes into account when planning for your trip.

Mitta Mitta River: This river can be found in southern Australia in the Alpine National Park. It has a varied season, with trips running almost year round, but the best trips spanning from August to December. Internationally renowned as some of the best whitewater not only in Australia, but also around the world, this river is an great option if you’re looking for a trip that will test your skills and teamwork, while also being a incredible way to pass a weekend outdoors. For more information about the Mitta Mitta River, go here.

Murray River: If you’re ready to begin a rafting trip that has its start in something called “Hell’s Gates”, and that continues in manner somewhat consistent with its namesake, the Murray River is the trip for you. Known for being one of the most technical trips in the world, this rafting getaway is sure to inspire you to be the best rafter you can. Not quite ready for that? There are a number of more mild options available too. The season for this river is from July to January, so you’ll have to wait a little while for this one. Find more information about this river here.

 Snowy River: Want to get away from it all and experience classic Australian whitewater? Then off to the Snowy River it is! Portions of this river are dam controlled, but because of its location, strong rains can also mean for great days of whitewater. Many of the rapids are classed as grade II or III, so it’s also a strong choice for someone with less whitewater experience.

Of course, an explanation on a blog is nowhere near enough information to make an informed opinion about any of these rivers. The best way would be to go down there and try, don’t you think? 😉

Have you rafted in the Australian rivers? Do you have a favorite? Tell us why in the comment section below!

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