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Summer Campfire Fun

Oh hello summer, nice of you to (finally) join us. If you’re like much of the country, you’re probably finally starting to see a very late summer, and you’re ready to get out and make up for lost time. Aside from whitewater rafting, one of the most obvious and fun ways to do this is to go camping!

Below we’ve made a list of some of our favorite campfire activities that are fun for the whole family; and can provide a little variety from the usual spooky stories and s’mores (not that those aren’t some of our favorites too!).

Keep reading for a few of our favorites, plus more fun resources to check out:

1. Mosquito Bites: Every camper receives a sheet of red dot stickers (to look like mosquito bites of course!). Throughout the evening, during normal activities, each player tries to give the other players “mosquito bites” with their stickers – but without being noticed. If you are seen, you don’t get to give the other player a bite, and instead receive one of theirs! The winner is the camper who gets rid of all of their stickers first.

2. Catch Don’t Catch: This game is seemingly simple, but it will quickly become apparent that there is more to it than meets the eye! One camper begins the game in the middle of the circle, throwing a ball to those around them and saying “catch” or “don’t catch”. If they catch the ball when they’re not supposed to, their out! To make it extra fun, add a second person in the middle 😉

3. Cornhole: OK. Not original, we know. But there’s a reason that this game has endured as long as it has; because it is fun, classic, and is a camping trip really a camping trip without cornhole? (the answer is no if you were unsure).

4. Telephone: A campfire classic that definitely shouldn’t be missed! The whole group sits in a circle and begins with the first person telling the second person a phrase. Each person will then repeat the phrase to the person next to them – the final result is usually something so different, you won’t be able to understand how it started!

5. Marshmallow Maverick: Definitely one of the tastiest options on this list, this game only requires marshmallows, a campfire, and of course, a stick! To play, you only need to toast your marshmallow, eat the burned part, and repeat until you can no longer remove layers. Think it sounds easy? Give it a try and find out how many layers of marshmallow you can make!

For more things to do by the fire:

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