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Things to do with your Rafting Pictures!

Chances are, you are going to want to remember your whitewater rafting adventure in the New River Gorge. Luckily, you will usually receive the opportunity at the end of the trip to purchase videos or pictures of the trip taken by media professionals. This is definitely a preferable decision to bringing your iPhone and risking an unfortunate early demise to it via a large wave or other unexpected occurrence.

So now that you’ve got pictures of your whitewater adventure, the real question is, what should I do with them? No-one likes having a box of pictures (from back in the day of when whole roles of photos were developed), or in this case, a disc or link full of pictures that can’t be display. So what should you do with these wonderful photos and memories of what was hopefully, one of your more fun weekends? We have made a list of some of our suggested uses of your whitewater rafting pictures.

  • Gifts! Get your pictures printed, framed, and if you have a friend or family member who participated in the trip with you, give the framed version to them.
  • Social Media. Do you have a ton of pictures from your trip and wish that your great Aunt in Tanzania could see them? That’s where Facebook, Instagram and Twitter can come in handy. Oh and don’t forget your hashtag – #WhiteWaterRafting.
  • Turn them into items. There are many online businesses that will take the pictures you send to them and turn them into items suitable for daily use, such as mugs, coasters, shirts, lamps and other similar items.
  • Make an album. So that one day when you’re old and decrepit, you can look back on your adrenaline-filled whitewater rafting adventure.
  • Make a collage to go on the wall! These are fun to make and can include words and images that you can cut out of magazines to add captions and other crafty adjustments.
  • Computer slideshow & background – to make those long days at work until your next rafting adventure pass a little bit more quickly.
  • Turn your pictures into a coloring book for the kids! For more information about how to do this, go here
  • Custom birthday cards! There are plenty of online software tools that specialize in taking your own pictures and making them into cards for any number of occasions ranging from birthdays to mothers day to no reason at all!
  • Use them as part of your holiday card. You know, the one you write every winter? What a nice change from having a family portrait as the centerpiece!
  • Photoshop them into something ridiculous. For those of you that are more tech-savvy, how about adding a Triceratops or Robot into your whitewater adventure?
  • Save them for an occasion yet unknown. To be used as wedding decor or for a birthday party, perhaps?

Need more inspiration? There’s always Pinterest for millions of fun DIY and craft ideas for things that you can do with your whitewater rafting photos! Do you have something that you like to do with your rafting pictures? Leave it in a comment below!

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