Whitewater Rapid Classes of the New River Valley  

Whitewater rafting rapids are categorized by their degree of difficulty.  Rapids can be categorized in 1 of 6 degrees, 1 being beginning rapids and 6 being classified as dangerous. You can read more about this here: Types of whitewater rafting rivers and who should attempt them. Both the New River and the Gauley River are divided into… Read more »

White Water Rafting Deals on the River  

Be sure to check with your rafting outfitter about specials, deals and discounts!!  Most rafting companies also provide group deals and lodging as well.  Don’t avoid a day or weekend trip whitewater rafting because you think it might be pricey, there are so many ways to save money! Most rafting companies offer weekly deals where you… Read more »

Rivers of North Carolina  

North Carolina is home to some of the most scenic rivers in the United States.  Some of these rivers include the Cheoah River, the French Broad River and the Nantahala River.  These rivers are some of the finest that North Carolina has to offer for whitewater rafting and river adventures.  Each river is unique and… Read more »

Rivers of Tennessee  

If you are trying to experience the rich culture of Tennessee, then it’s rivers are the place to visit!  Tennessee has a variety of rivers that offers everything from family rafting trips, to class V rafting trips, canoeing, scenic trips and much more.  The rivers of Tennessee have so much to offer from the Great Smokey Mountains… Read more »

When can I ride the Gauley?  

The Gauley River is very dynamic. The two popular sections of the river can change drastically depending on when you paddle. In the summer, the river is lower than in the fall. That is because fall is Gauley Season, a time when the Summersville Dam is open on weekends and the river is at its… Read more »

The Geography of the New River and the New River Gorge  

The New River is one of the most scenic, historical rivers that flows through the United States.  The New River sits at 320 miles long and is millions of years old.  This river is the third oldest river in the world and flows through three states and five mountain ranges.  The New River begins in… Read more »

What Other Activities Are Available in the New River Gorge?  

If you want to take a break from whitewater rafting then don’t worry since there’s still so much to see and do at River Expeditions in Oak Hill, West Virginia.  There are a variety of outdoor adventures for you to choose from for children to older adults, no matter what experience level! Paintball Get ready for extreme… Read more »

Upper Gauley vs. Lower Gauley  

Although the Gauley is one river, most rafting trips will cover either the upper section or lower section. The two sections of the Gauley River differ in length, features, and difficulty. The total length of the commonly-run section of the Gauley River is about 24 miles and the length of each of the two sections… Read more »

The Raft  

A whitewater raft is an inflatable boat that can maneuver difficult rapids because of its flexibility and buoyancy. Rafts are made of rubber of PVC fabrics constructed into several chambers of air. The thick materials make the rafts strong enough to pass over sharp rocks without being damaged. Since the rafts are inflatable, they can… Read more »