Join River Expeditions for their 34th Annual Ice Breaker Weekend

If you’re already dreaming about the spring rafting season – River Expeditions gets it. And that’s why they’re inviting you to join them on the weekend of April 2nd for their 34th annual Ice Breaker Weekend. This year’s celebration of spring will feature a full day of whitewater rafting, a BBQ cookout, 2 nights of camping, and a light breakfast each morning – with rates beginning at just $79 per person for the whole weekend.

River Expeditions’ Ice Breaker weekend is a favorite for new and veteran rafters as it is a fantastic opportunity to experience some of the best whitewater in the area, while also saving almost ½ off the usual weekend rates. What makes this event exceptional isn’t just the day on the water, but it is the atmosphere of fun that it inspires – with the Ice Breaker party on Saturday night, hosted at River Expeditions’ own, Red Dog River Saloon. Aside from live music and great company, the party will include games, contests, and free drinks for rafters!

River Expeditions outfits white water rafting trips in the New River Gorge, beginning with their Ice Breaker Weekend in April and continuing through Gauley Season in October. These trips are a great opportunity for families, friends, and groups to explore the natural beauty of the New River Gorge in a way that is exciting and engaging. If you’re a little unsure about hitting the water but still want to join in the fun, River Expeditions offers a variety of “dry” activities both on and offsite, ranging from ziplines, to hiking, to horseback riding – and tons in between!

To ensure that everyone has a great time, staff are highly qualified and have successfully completed a number of training courses – equipping them with all the necessary knowledge to help your trip to be memorable, safe, and of course, fun! Outings generally span for about 5-7 hours, including a waterside BBQ with all of your grilling favorites. Being able to swim is helpful, but not required – and many “non-swimmers” take to the water every year. Each rafter is provided with all necessary safety equipment for the trip, including a Coast Guard approved Type V Life Jacket, paddle, and helmet.

“We always look forward to our Ice Breaker weekend because it means the official start of the spring rafting season!” says River Expeditions owner, Rick Johnson. “It’s a great way to get the new rafting year off to a strong start, and the changing of the seasons means the gorge really is alive with all sorts of activity on and off the water.”

The River Expeditions Adventure Resort is conveniently located just a few miles away from the New River Gorge National Park, home to some of the best whitewater in the world. This location makes River Expeditions an ideal getaway because of ease of access to the water – and also because it can be easily located by those who are visiting or new to the region. A variety of lodging options are onsite available with River Expeditions, ranging from rustic to luxurious – and with all the modern amenities (but only if you want them!). So if you’re ready to experience the exhilaration of whitewater, plus much more, the Ice Breaker weekend is the perfect option for the whole family.