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Paintball – A Dry Extension of Rafting?

Oftentimes, if someone enjoys one specific outdoor sport (say whitewater rafting, for example), that happens to be packed full of adrenaline, there is a strong chance that they will enjoy other “similar” activities, so long as they result in that feeling of adventure and excitement that so many chase with rafting.

Subsequently, it isn’t difficult to understand why many whitewater rafters enjoy and thrive in many dry environment sports. One prime example of this can be seen in paintball – so if you’re already an avid whitewater enthusiast, check out our list of why paintball is for rafters below!

Rafting and paintball, paintball and rafting – they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Like salt and pepper. Like peas and carrots even.

The exact reason why the two activities go so well together is a bit difficult to pinpoint, as everyone has different motivation for loving both of these sports. However, we do believe that there are some distinct characteristics about paintball that make it very appealing for water sport enthusiasts. Below you’ll find some of our favorite reasons about why paintball is for rafters:

  • Nature: Whitewater rafters inherently love to spend time in the great outdoors (I mean really, how much whitewater could you really fit inside a building?). Paintball, while having a different set of geographical restrictions, does generally require that participants are outside to get the full experience (including dirt and terrain of course).
  • Adrenaline: Excitement? Yes. While paintballs won’t do the same damage as some of their more dangerous cousins, it is still something being shot at you. And yes, they do hurt if they hit you – and that will definitely get your blood pumping. So yes, short answer, we’re looking at you daredevils of both the wet and dry variety.
  • Camaraderie: You’ll be with your friends, working together on the field for a common goal, be it capture the flag, or something less formal, you’ll still get the same practice of relying on someone else to help you, and also to be the one providing help. And besides, if you’re on a group trip, what better way to learn about how your fellow adventurers handle an entirely different type of stress?
  • Variety: If you’re planning a quick fall getaway, and want something to do outside of the whitewater, what better activity? In many cases, rafting outfitters may have or know of paintball facilities that are local and reputable.

If you’re planning a fall getaway to the New River Gorge, it is expected that whitewater rafting may very well be the cornerstone of your trip. However, if you’re looking for something dry to supplement your time with, why not give paintball a try? Who knows, you might like it almost as much as rafting 😉

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