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Whitewater Rafting: Tips for First-timers

So. Spring is just around the corner and just a few days ago you saw an ad for whitewater rafting and it caught your eye. Now you’re starting to think that maybe the ad was on to something, and that maybe it’s time for a different type of vacation in 2017. If you end up following that line of thinking, then your next thought will probably be something to the effect of “what’s going to happen next?”. So, for those of you that are taking the plunge this spring, we’ve put together some quick tips for your first time on the water. And don’t worry, once you’ve done it all a few times, it’ll be second nature 😉

Keep reading and get ready for what will be the adventure of your life!

-Choose the right trip: This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure you choose a trip with the appropriate level of difficulty! When you are making your reservations, be sure to mention that it is your first time on the water and your outfitter will make sure that you’re put in the best trip possible! To get an idea of what to expect, check out our post about classes of whitewater rafting.

-Dress for the weather: If it is likely to be cold, make sure to wear layers. And it goes without saying, don’t wear anything that will be uncomfortable when it is when! Light, loose (but not dangling) clothing, shorts, and river shoes are all great choices. Hats can also add a whole new level of comfort to your trip – especially on bright and sunny days.

-Sunscreen: You’re going to need it after a whole day on the water. Make sure to put it on before you head out the door and to choose a waterproof variety so that even through the splashes, you stay protected. Re-apply whenever possible – except for above the eyes!

-Listen to your guide: They know best! Make sure you’re paying attention to all instructions, both on and off the water. They will tell you what to do, when to do it, and if you are lucky, perhaps some local secrets of the river you’re rafting down.

-Paddle!: No but seriously. If you are told to paddle, paddle! Throw your effort into it and work together with the other rafters. Paddling can also help to keep you safe, as the physical motion of pushing the paddle back into the water helps to keep you in the raft.

-Be okay with getting wet: It is inevitable and there are decent odds that you’ll end up out of the raft and into the water. That’s okay! Just embrace it and make sure that you don’t bring anything on the raft and out of the dry box that you wouldn’t be sad about losing.

Have any tips for first-timers that you want to share? We want to hear them! Tell us about it in the comments below!

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