All You Need To Know About Cold Weather Paddling  

Many outdoor enthusiasts are turned off by the idea of stepping foot into cold water of winter and early spring. Contrary to popular belief, paddling in cold weather is doable and even fun. Cool air and water can be overlooked if you dress accordingly, but paying close attention to safety is the most important factor… Read more »

Rafting in North Carolina & Tennessee – PART 2  

In Part 2 of our series on rafting in North Carolina and Tennessee, we are going to explore the French Broad River. This river is the 3rd oldest in the world – only behind the New River and the Nile River. It stretches over 200 miles through Western North Carolina and Tennessee. This river offers… Read more »

group and guide raft on the New River with River Expeditions West Virginia
10 Reasons to Raft  

While there are many, many reasons to spend some time white water rafting, kayaking, or otherwise paddling down a river, here are our top 10 reasons to be on the water.

Rafting in North Carolina & Tennessee – PART 1  

In this 3-part series we are going to explore a few of the best rafting rivers in North Carolina and Tennessee! The rivers that we are featuring are the Nolichucky, French Broad, and Watauga; all of which begin in one state and travel into another. These rivers have a long history of nurturing the Appalachian… Read more »

Winter Activities in the New River Gorge  

Even though the New River Gorge is known for its amazing white water rafting, there are many, many activities local to the area that can be enjoyed even through the winter. Many outdoor activities have a completely different side to them that can only be seen through the lens of the winter snow and cold…. Read more »

Rafting Jokes!  

People that enjoy rafting also tend to enjoy humor related to rafting. Or, alternatively, people that don’t like rafting, may still enjoy rafting humor. With that said, here is a small collection of jokes related to rafting and other outdoor activities that are sure to bring a giggle (or at least an eye roll) to… Read more »

Festivals, rafting, and paddles!  

Even though many parts of the country are presently in a deep freeze, many other parts are looking forward to spring and beginning to set their warm weather schedules.  Some parts of the country are even preparing for spring water and rafting festivals. No matter what part of the country you are in, there is… Read more »

Rafting Paddles  

Use of paddles when rafting can be essential for not only propulsion; but also for steering and overall control of the vessel. When you go rafting, you can be certain that your guide will demonstrate everything that you need to know and that they will also play a huge role in influencing the direction of… Read more »

Paddling Made Easy  

A major part of any white water rafting trip is the paddling. This activity allows the rafters and their guide to safely and successfully navigate down the water. When you show up for your rafting trip, you can arrive with confidence knowing that your experienced guides will show you proper technique for paddling and other… Read more »